Featured: Seven Timeless Tips To Build Successful Working Relationships
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Tuesday, June 12 2012 00:00

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By Specialized Staffing & Industry Recruiters

Here are some great foundations for creating lasting relationships in any area of business, no matter what your position is:

1. Never criticize, complain, or condemn. Be as positive and cheerful as possible. Never share negative things about your personal life in a business setting, and never criticize anything political or religious in your workplace. Appear open and easygoing.

2. Aim for acceptance. Respectfully accept others' viewpoints and opinions. People crave acceptance, and those who feel accepted by you personally will want to do business with you.

3. Offer approval. Give praise and approval to people for practically anything they do. Coworkers will gravitate toward you and you'll be welcome wherever you go.

4. Show your appreciation. Make others feel more valuable and important by acknowledging their actions and presence graciously.

5. Admire the achievements of others. Avoid jealousy and make admiration your goal.

6. Be straightforward. Disagree or agree with others when appropriate. Be frank with your opinions and avoid gossip. People will feel comfortable in your presence when they know where you stand and what you genuinely believe.

7. Give loads of attention to others. You can pay anyone a great compliment simply by focusing your attention on them. Nothing can make a human being feel more special than to be seen and heard.

~ Adapted from Advanced Selling Strategies, by Brian Tracy

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